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Under 500 Club: 75 Zampa is Putrid in Pink

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Jazz hands! This 3-bedroom, 2-bath Fillmore Jazz District co-op is all dressed up at $380,000 -- but we're not yet convinced this baby has anywhere to go. The "delightful fusion of vibrant urban living" and "contemporary design" might work out to a palatable $362/square foot, even with an extra $900 in monthly dues, but it sure doesn't make that living room any easier to swallow. And really, the classic tilt-and-mirror-flash shot? We can't tell if the boasted "pulse of the city!" went straight to these owners' heads, or if they were just trying to fit in with the the pastel-colored Fillmore Center Plaza up the street.
· 75 Zampa Lane #6 [MLS]

75 Zampa Lane, San Francisco, CA 94115