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Parkmerced Area's in for a Treat With 7,000 Planned Residences

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The SF Examiner reports today on what could turn out to be an uncomfortable growth spurt for the southwestern neighborhoods, led mostly by Parkmerced as it embarks on an expansion from 3,221 apartments to 8,900. Along with other projects in the area, including an SF State plan to double their on-campus dorms, the number of residences could increase by around 7,000 units in the coming years — though it should be noted that Parkmerced's expansion plan stretches over 20 years. Still, adding on a Stonestown cinema and retail expansion, we're talking about an area that could end up bursting at its seams. A spokesman for Parkmerced describes the garden apartments' mindset, something that the area as a whole may be pondering: "This was built and marketed as suburban living in the city. The buildings, the landscape, the trees and really the concept has proven to not mesh well with 21st-century priorities." Another 21st-century priority? How about a beefier Muni for those 7,000 new residents: "There needs to be a massive expansion of public transportation," says the presiding supe.
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