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One Hawthorne, 165-Unit Luxury High-Rise and Last Man Standing

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It's almost a real thing: Curbed SF took a tour yesterday of One Hawthorne, a building that stands alone now as the only luxury high-rise to come to market this year. The project, by Jackson Pacific and EHDD Architecture, broke ground in April 2008, replacing a short-ish office building with a 25-story, 165-unit "boutique" luxury high-rise. By luxury, they mean to allude to other luxury high-rises of late: the Infinity, Millennium Tower, One Rincon. But by boutique, they mean an amenity or two left out of the curated mix — it's the Infinity, say, minus the pool and Pilates. One Hawthorne does have the luxury basics down: a lobby attendant, a kitchenette-equipped roof terrace, a gym, and 24-hour valet parking. That last perk has a caveat too — no self-parking!

That's kind of a result of the zoning in the area; the building (and likely all buildings of its ilk that may follow it), has a parking-to-unit ratio of .75. The spots are tightly packed in underground stackers, and they've made the decision for better or worse that only valet attendants will park your car, should one choose to pay for a spot. When the building officially launches sometime in the first two weeks of May, the units initially available will be on floors 2 through 7, the ones whose floor plans are currently available online. The building has a total of 26 junior 1-beds, 74 1-beds with dens, 57 2-beds with dens, two 2-bed penthouses, and six 3-bed penthouses — with junior 1-beds starting off around $400K and the penthouses somewhere north of $2 mil. Some units have private balconies, but those won't be available until after the initial sales phase.
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One Hawthorne

One Hawthorne, San Francisco, CA

One Hawthorne

1 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA