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Hunters View Bites the Dust Today, Some Replacements Due 2011

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Today begins the first of a project that Gavin pushed for way back in 2004: Hope SF, whose charge is to remake the city's rat-infested housing projects as saner homes for San Francisco's less lucky. The first is Hunters View, a 1956 vintage public housing project that'll have its 50 buildings encompassing 267 units demolished and replaced one for one with new ones. In addition, there'll be 84 affordable rentals and 350 to 450 market-rate condos. The Chron reports that the remake's financial viability hinges on the market-rate homes "being interspersed with the public housing," though at last check they'd been chopped from the first few phases of the project, given the state of the economy. Still, John Stewart Co., the developers, think the market can eventually absorb the 1-, 2-, and 3-bed homes, which will top out in the mid-$500Ks once they're built. Demolition of the first 113 should be done by July, while their replacements are slated be finished by the end of next year.
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