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555 Bartlett's Popularity Piques Developers' Interest in the Area

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Mission Loc@l reports on the briskly selling units of 555 Bartlett, which had sold — according to the paper — 30 of its 58 units by the end of last week. Probably because the prices start off low and almost never go so high that they leave the range for FHA financing: 2-bedroom units go for $520K to $710K (FHA loans are limited to homes at $700K and below), while 1-beds never go above $540K. The "model" for building simple, straight-faced condos is apparently piquing the interest of other developers, who are noticing the success of the modest building, and its modest prices. A land use attorney says he's been getting more calls than usual from groups interested in building in the Mission. Meanwhile, the Union, which has seen some brisk sales of its own, says that whenever they're a bit above a buyer's range, they send them over to 555 Bartlett. Them's good neighbors.
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555 Bartlett St., San Francisco, CA