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The Noe Congestion Question: Crowded for People, Crowded for Cars

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Just so we know the NIMBYist sentiment doesn't apply exclusively to shadow-casting condos, the Pavement to Parks initiative at Noe and 24th is proving to be as divisive to the neighborhood as any menacing luxury high-rise. As one commenter noted yesterday, "Drivers going north or south on Noe will have to take a side st. or 24th St. to continue past 24th. ... You do not need to do a trial run of the street closure to see what will or will not work." But the streets are already clogged with people, argues Burrito Justice: "if there’s any congestion, it’s on the sidewalks." Boom, tables turned! Yesterday, the Examiner reported that supe Bevan Dufty was turning tail and running from the powder keg — which itself has some residents cheesed. Which means that Bevan's now got his work cut out for him this Thursday if he wants to come out of this pleasing everybody.
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