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Yerba Buena Island's Homes, Hilltop Park Break Ground in 2012

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The SF Examiner has a bit of an update today on the outlook for the reimagination of Treasure and Yerba Buena islands as developed eco-communities. Treasure Island could be due for a groundbreaking for its 6,000 to 8,000 new homes sometime late next year, while the groundbreaking for Yerba Buena's mini-Telegraph Hill, some 200 to 300 new homes, would break ground in 2012. But the hillier island's progress will probably overtake Treasure Island's, since it doesn't need all the "extensive engineering work" that the artificial island will need to prevent earthquake liquefaction. (Comforting!) In the end, the Yerba Buena will be topped by a hilltop park with "stunning 360-degree views of the region," and there'll also be a luxury spa hotel somewhere.
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