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Noe Valley's Street Plaza Could Get Axed for Fear of Congestion

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Some contingent of Noe Valley residents isn't hot on the plan to turn a part of Noe Street south of 24th into a Castro Commons-style plaza — and now the hint of a brewing cat fight looks troublesome enough that the ultimate decider on the plaza, supe Bevan Dufty, might be backing off. His take: "I'm not closing the door forever. I'm just saying that at this stage I sense enough division and opposition that I don't even feel that it can work on even a trial basis. The notion isn't to create conflict, it's to create more public spaces." Meanwhile, another Noe faction says, why not try it then? As with Castro Commons, the Noe plaza's only meant to be a trial, whether or not it's downsized to a couple sidewalk "parklets" flanking the street — and they say they're "very cognizant of the fact that this experiment might fail. ... Let's just give it a shot and see if it works!"
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Noe St & 24th St, San Francisco, CA