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Rincon Hill Housing Project Should Break Ground Next Spring

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The SF Examiner has an update today on one of the few Rincon Hill-area projects that's actually got a glimmer of hope in the next couple years. Specifically, the 120-unit housing project for the formerly homeless should break ground at Folsom and Essex next spring and finish by 2013. The Redevelopment Agency: "The goal of this is to keep people housed and then to work on whatever issues they have, whether it's a psychiatric illness or something along those lines, and to try to connect them with all the services available in the city." But it's got something for everyone: in addition to counseling services for residents, the building will also have retail spaces on the ground floor. Just so we know, light on activity as Rincon Hill feels these days, the story also notes that a total of 39 buildings are planned for the 10-block area surrounding the future Transbay Transit Center.
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