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Architects Are Getting a Pulse Again After a Pretty Brutal Year

Architects have it rough these days, but as one tells the Chron, "for every architect out of work, there are 35 jobless construction workers." That probably explains the hordes of construction workers who show up at Planning Commission hearings begging for projects to get built. Nonetheless, this particular story today's about architects — an anecdotal poll of local designers seems to point toward less wobbly legs for the construction industry this year. Clark Manus of Heller Manus echoes the opinions of some of his colleagues: "Our firm's experience and my professional radar says 2009 was just terrible for everybody, but 2010 has started to show signs of life." The projects that are starting to come out of the woodwork aren't necessarily of the red-meat variety, but offices are expanding and the federal stimulus is funneling cash into, at the very least, the infrastructure and transportation sides of the industry. Time will tell, then, if the sort-of trend sticks.
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