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Mr. Smith's Takes Over the Building, and Berkeley Mansion Lives

SOMA: The owner of Mr. Smith's in Mid-Market/SoMa has purchased 34 7th St., the small-ish building in which the club resides and which sits in the shadow of the Federal Building. They're now looking to expand onto the second floor, and perhaps lease out the third floor to a gallery. [Curbed Inbox]

BERKELEY: The 6,478-square-foot "green" house being built by Mitch Kapor — previously profiled in the NYT, survived its appeal last night. The city council voted 6 to 2 to reject the appeal; one councilmember said it was the first time she'd seen neighbors of a project so supportive, with farther away residents more vocal in opposition. This calls for a new term: Not in Your Backyard. [Berkeleyside, previously]