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F-Market & Wharves Extension to Fort Mason Gets Put on Backburner

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Plans were, and sort of are, to extend the F line beyond Fisherman's Wharf and westward to Fort Mason. But for now, the plan could be stopped in its tracks (see what we did there?) because district supe Michela Alioto-Pier thinks the whole thing has been poorly thought out. In her words, "The F-line project is kind of like a monster without a head right now." Specifically, Alioto-Pier has concerns that an extension to Fort Mason would be a big neon sign for Marin commuters to park their cars in the Marina Green lot and increase car congestion for everyone else. To put action to talk, she's requested that the county transpo authority "shelve" any further study of an F-line extension, and halt a $500k request from the SFMTA that the agency will need to finish an environmental impact report on the project. The project manager for the study? "Surprised and disappointed," but with a vow that the show must go on, someday, somehow.
· Muni F-line extension faces setback [SF Examiner]