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Dolores Park Church Mansion Loses Nearly $2.5 Mil Off 2009 Price

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We're not sure exactly when this happened, but at some point, the church-turned-mansion at 601 Dolores dropped off the MLS. We took notice of the megahouse in February of last year when it returned to market after an extensive remodeling that turned the Golden Gate Lutheran Church into a 17,000 square foot monster with 3 bedrooms, an interior fit for a basketball court, and a garage that could shelter four to six cars. Asking price then was just a notch below ten mil at $9,950,000 (a pretty significant markup on the $2.2 million it previously sold for). While the property's no longer on the MLS, the website's still up, asking a much reduced $7,490,000 — a price chop of $2,460,000 or 24.7 percent off. 'Course, no buyer's been found yet, which means Commenter #2 from 14 months ago wins $10 on that wager the building would still be languishing today.
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601 Dolores St., San Francisco, CA