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Presto! Homely House in the Haight Turns Into Four Luxury Condos

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According to Inside SF RE, 1860 Page was a homely little single-family house when it was had in 2003 for $675k. A few years later, construction permits were issued to build in its place a four-unit building. That building's done now, and two of its condos are on the MLS at this very second: Unit 3's a 3-bed, 2-bath totalling 1,555 square feet and coming in at $1,089,000. Unit 1, at the other end of the spectrum, is a studio asking $449,000. The building advertises its crown molding and an "amazing tree lined street" for their "luxury full-floor residences." Low HOAs too, they'd like to point out: $243 for the million-dollar property, and $142 for the studio.
· 1860 Page St #3 [Vanguard, via Inside SF RE]
· 1860 Page St #1 [Vanguard]

1860 Page St., San Francisco, CA