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San Jose's Uphill Stadium Battle; Santa Clara's Ready for Niners

Whoda thunk that with the economy still pushing itself off the bathroom floor that we'd already be planning a game of new-stadium musical chairs in the Bay Area? For now, even putting aside that Warriors arena in Mission Bay — there are two others still on the table. The Mercury reports on the "complicated puzzle" that San Jose has to solve in order to bring the Oakland A's to a spot of land near their train station. There's the fact that Major League Baseball had previously granted Santa Clara County to the Giants, so an A's move to San Jose would amount to muscling in on their territory.

But also, half the land San Jose's eyeing for the stadium belongs to private owners, who may or may not end up holding out for bigger bucks — so there's that headache for the city. Meanwhile, in Santa Clara, a poll shows a wide lead in "yes" votes for the 49ers stadium (52 percent yes, 36 no). Though the Merc story points to some remaining unpredictability, it's probably safe to say by now that Lennar can forget about their Hunters Point stadium play.
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