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An Updated Roundup of Banksy Pieces as Artist Hits SoMa, Haight

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Since the San Francisco web exploded four days ago with news of Banksy's wall interventions in our little burg, a bunch more have popped up around the city. The puckish graffiti artist has reportedly followed up on his Mission and Chinatown stencils with more in the Mission, SoMa, and the Haight. According to Stencil Nation (via photog Steve Rhodes), the Chinatown piece (the first one!) is scheduled to be removed Wednesday. A sign in Chinese has been posted nearby, asking that the graffiti not be removed during the police investigation (while "all hipsters everywhere" protest underneath). Photographer Troy Holden also thinks there may be a seventh Banksy in Fisherman's Wharf, but a question mark remains on that one. And finally, Uptown Almanac thinks these last few may not be Banksy at all, since an alleged Banksy just popped up in Seattle, and he can't be in two places at once. But then again — he's Banksy.
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