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Designer-Restored Vic in Lower Pac Heights Has Soup-Can Affinity

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The 3-bed, 2.5-bath Victorian at 2432 Pine hit the market three days ago to a flourish of trumpets at SocketSite — they called it a "princely 'rebirth.'" According to its listing, the Lower Pac Heights house was built in 1900, and was lately "impeccably restored" by its designer owners so that it might enter "the 21st Century with a completely rebuilt and expanded interior." The two-car garage with laundry's brand new, and the inside looks like it's got plenty of light. Also, check those Campbell's soup can lights, which tragically don't come with. Asking price: $2,095,000.
· 2432 Pine St [Redfin]

2432 Pine St., San Francisco, CA