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Muni Starting Major St. Francis Circle Work, Headaches Imminent

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If we might distract just a bit from the weekly unfolding horror that is Muni — the agency's planning an extensive upgrade to "one of San Francisco's most chaotic intersections," St. Francis Circle, reports the SF Examiner. The "circle" sits at the nexus of a number of major arteries and light rail lines, and between major destinations, which means construction disruption this summer's going to mean headaches aplenty for transit rider and driver alike. The agency's replacing the 30-year-old railway, repaving streets, adding new street lighting, stuff like that. In the meantime, the M-Ocean View and K-Ingleside lines will be replaced by shuttles, and drivers should also expect numerous lane closures. It's all in the name of good! Says Muni's chief: "San Francisco’s infrastructure is at the core of our quality of life. The SFMTA will continue to aggressively prioritize keeping Muni in a state of good repair in order to provide safe and reliable service to our customers." If only this meant a little more.
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