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'You've Got Some Balls for an Architect'

A couple days ago we linked to a story about "The Architect," a movie about how awesome Dubai is. Awesome! And who better than sister site Curbed LA to dig up the screenplay to the disaster-in-waiting? An excerpt: "PETER: If I ever have to work on another Tuscan inspired shopping center I'm going to cut my fucking throat. Please. Just tell me you're calling. MITCH: We'll see how the week goes. PETER: Come on, Mitch. Look at this! You're calling. First thing Monday. (Mitch clicks to a new image. The Guggenheim Bilbao has nothing on this thing.) MITCH: Wow. PETER: You see. Tell me you're calling. Tell me you're calling. (Another image. An architect's wet dream.)" It gets worse. [Curbed LA]