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Arnold Will Consider Canceling That State Building 'Fire Sale'

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It was probably a bit out there to begin with — that Schwarzenegger-led plan to sell off a significant portfolio of state buildings and then rent them back would supposedly net about $2 billion in total, but an AP analysis projected the state would end up paying $5.2 billion in rent over the next two decades. Arnold didn't like hearing any back talk about the genius plan of action, though, and ended up gently removing critics from their posts so he could continue to "help the Titanic not sink." (Huh. He was in that movie?) Now it's not just the Associated Press — a state analysis says that after 20 years, the deal would cost California about $1.1 billion more than we'd gain. Arnold's deftly backpedaling on this one, saying he won't go through with it if the spreadsheets say no: "I'm not crazy and do a fire sale. Believe me, it won't happen." We trust you, big guy.
· Documents detail net loss if Calif. buildings sold [AP]