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In the Shadow of the Wurster House, a 3-Bed Castro Craftsman

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Last month, a 2-bedroom house in the Castro designed by architect William Wurster hit the market asking $1.575 million. Just a few weeks later, the house had gone off the market, selling for $300,000 above asking price. Time to see if there's something in the neighborhood water, or if it was just the Wurster brand: 4305 20th St is literally just a block up from the Wurster house. A 3-bed asking $1,395,000, the Craftsman house is a good deal older than the Wurster one, having been built in 1909, but it's got contemporary touches too. The rooftop has a deck, as does a "summit" at the top of the yard, and there are "many high-end finishes" throughout.
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4305 20th St., San Francisco, CA