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Airport's Second Take On Terminal 2 Should Open Next Spring

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Everything's A-OK, says SFO of Terminal 2, the idealistic slow-food airport terminal that's supposed to come online next spring (the ETA two years ago was 2010). The terminal was shut down in 2000 when it was replaced by the new International Terminal, but more flights have been putting pressure on the airport to expand, which has led to this project, which is a pretty dramatic rebuild of the old structure. The idea behind the Gensler design can probably be characterized as a logical extension of the SFO approach to air travel — carbon offsets! local eateries! — combining "high performance with passenger delight." To wit, the terminal takes the decidedly un-airportly approach of serving "slow food" to passengers, and will also include a spa and "passenger recomposure" area. Sheesh, it's like people won't have flights to catch or something. (We kid!)
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