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Dedicated Geary Bus Lane Has to Figure Out Underground Stops

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Minus the businesses that fear a construction-wrought dip in customers, a rapid bus line with a dedicated lane on Geary is generally a no brainer for Richmond riders. There's just the nagging problem of what to do at those parts where Geary dips underground. The puzzle of two Gearys means that the bus-rapid transit corridor — due perhaps by the end of 2013 — has to either go underground with the middle part of Geary, or stay up top and let passengers board and alight on the sidewalk. The former option, which might charitably be described as a hot mess waiting to happen, would either have passengers cross three lanes of traffic to get to and from buses, or just have them exit awkwardly at either end of the tunnels and do a loop to get to where they're actually going. The latter option, of course, would devour some 300 parking spots between Van Ness and 33rd. Let's just say we don't envy the transpo planners their job on this one.
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