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Lennar's Glossy Hunters Point Brochure Doesn't Impress Officials

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In the run-up to a June 3 certification vote, there are two hearings on the 20-year Hunters Point megaproject, the first of which was last week. The summer vote will decide whether the 10,500-unit project's environmental impact report is fit to set the stage for "dropping a community the size of Hercules into the southeast corner of the city." Let this Chron story serve basically as a reminder that the lumbering beast of a project is actually still happening, as there isn't very much in the way of new news here. However, the characters we know are happy to fill their roles to the best of their ability. Lennar, in the role of the slick developer, offers a "full-color briefing brochure" that a commissioner bristles at, saying it has "a little of a marketing feel, rather than planning," while a community activist warns that the project should be "clean," given prior doubt as to whether toxin cleanup is really being done properly.
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