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Dogpatch Residents Have to Raise $300k to Save Mission Bay's Soul

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The fate of a disused war-era building has been the center of a low-burn battle in Mission Bay for about a year now. While the made-from-scratch neighborhood gets biotech'd and luxury condo'd out, residents in the area want to save the Bluepeter Building, which was built in the '40s but is basically an empty ghost building now. Plans by the Redevelopment Agency could raze the building as part of a project to install a park in the triangle bounded by 16th, Illinois, and Terry Francois. Still, neighbors say, even if the building doesn't have the historic pedigree to qualify for protection, it has more "soul" than the "cold" new look of Mission Bay, and could be kept on for some sort of indoor use like a restaurant, or even just housing rental kayaks. The Port maintains it's cheaper to demolish the Bluepeter than to save it, so they're giving the building's friends until March of next year to raise the $300k they'll need to save it — else it's going into the dust heap. The race is on!
· Group seeks to preserve WWII-era building [SF Examiner]