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San Francisco's Median Home Price Jumps By Almost a Third

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It looks like the market's been shifting a bit in the past year away from foreclosures — driving a 14.3 percent gain in the state's median home price. The number's even bigger when you look at San Francisco specifically: a 31 percent gain in March, compared to the same time last year. Analysts point out that the uptick doesn't indicate surging home values, but just a shift in the kind of stuff that's hitting the shelves out there: "It's a statistical quirk." Oh, those quirky stats! If the number crunchers speak truth, the stats don't necessarily indicate a full-blown return to health — while coastal markets like L.A. and the Bay Area are seeing signs of life again, says one analyst, inland areas are getting left behind.
· California's median home price jumps 14.3% in March [LAT]