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A Sea Cliff Architect's 4-Bedroom House for $6,500 a Month

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According to the Craigslist ad for 220 30th Ave, the 4-bed, 3.5-bath house is unique on the block for having one more bedroom than all the other houses. It was also home to Milton Meyer, "architect that designed many of the homes in Sea Cliff," and comes to Craigslist today via Meyer's grandchildren, who have been restoring it over the past four years. The remodeled kitchen is "ORIGINAL" (but not too original, given the stainless steel upgrades), and it also includes an office nook — a "treasured find" no doubt for telecommuters who enjoy stuffing their keyboards as well as their mouths with food crumbs. The monthly rent for residing in this posh neighborhood house: $6,500.
· Sea Cliff one of a kind- furn or unfurnished [Craigslist]

220 30th Ave., San Francisco, CA