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Nuclear-Enhanced Buddha Statue's Cleared for the Civic Center

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The Civic Center's chance to welcome a 15-ton mutated Buddha statue nears! Come May 12, announces the SF Arts Commission, Chinese artist Zhang Huan's many-limbed beauty will lumber forth unto San Francisco. The temporary showing's part of the 30th anniversary celebration of San Francisco's and Shanghai's sisterhood (the sisters do know how to decorate a party), and will kick off with a program involving Zhang in conversation with the Asian Art Museum's director. Back in January, the SF Examiner reported "Three Heads Six Arms" was in the works for a showing here, though first the city had to check to see it wasn't so heavy it'd collapse through the roof of the underground garage. Expect talk at the launch of the artist's take on his sculptures as "motionless performance art," though we still think nighttime passersby of the Civic Center may want to avoid any stray groping limbs.
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