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The Alexandria Theater Should Begin Its Return to Life in 2011

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The Richmond SF Blog has been diligently following the suddenly promising saga of the Alexandria Theater on Geary, and as of a public meeting last night, has some loot to show for it. The drawings above, via the blog and Tanaka Design Group, depict the blighted zombie building returning to life as a boutique theater with retail spaces fronting 18th and Geary. Out back in what's currently the dead theater's parking lot should rise a four-story mixed-use building. Other than that, the theater itself mostly stays the same architecturally — art deco murals and such will be restored, as will the original staircase in the lobby. On the other hand, the new building will be of slightly more contemporary — and purple! — extract. Apparently, there was talk at one point of planting palm trees to match the theater's "Egyptian", but perhaps fearing conflation with L.A., the Planning Department killed the idea. ETA on construction: 2011 — Richmond SF has more deets.
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Alexandria Theater

5400 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA