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Live Like a Jetson in Lower Haight

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[Listing by Jeffery Birkenseer, Frank Howard Allen]

If you balked at the price the last time a loft went up for sale in 560 Haight, but didn't balk at the "modern" design, then have we got a steal for you. This two-bed, two-bath unit weighs in at 1,062 square for a respectable $470 a foot. It was listed just this month at $499,000, and if you want to see if pictures do not, in fact, lie, there's an open house starting tomorrow at 5:00 pm.

"A Designer's Captivate! ? Soaring Transparent Mezzanines to inspire thinking and Tranquility," reads the description. Tranquility? Or serious trigger for the recovering cocaine addict? Visit tomorrow and you can be the judge.

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