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Cut-Rate Guerrero Flat Keeps Getting Cheaper

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You and your bros looking for a place to live near Dolores for the last summer fling before park renovations? Then you might want to check out this two-bed, one-bath flat in a tenancy in common on Guerrero between 14th and 15th. Originally listed in February at $449,000, it's seen bi-weekly price chops and is now being offered at $430,000. Neighborhood trends indicate that properties are starting to sell much closer to list, so it may not pay to wait for further discounts.

Even the monthly homeowner's association fee is a relative bargain at only $225. Remodeled kitchen, hardwood floors, private parking and a landscaped backyard sweeten the deal. One word of warning -- pet lovers should ask about size and number restrictions.

223 Guerrero [MLS]

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