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Contempo Castro Pad Even Cheaper

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Remember 449 Eureka? The 5 bedroom near the Castro that's been on the market since last August had its asking price slashed by ten percent last fall. Well, it's still on the market, and it's had its price chopped once again -- now you only need $1,699,000 to have a greatroom for fireside chats and a skinny pool for dipping.

Considering the current owner bought it way back in 1996 for less than asking it's likely they'll still see a nice chunk of change from the sale. But the design of the place is, ahem, unique. You don't see a lot of greatrooms in San Francisco -- it seems more of a McMansion type thing. If it's a still a little too pricey, it's also listed as a multi-unit with an address at 451 Eureka, so maybe possible to split it with friends into a tenancy in common.

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