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3-Bedroom in Bayview Back on the Market

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A HUD foreclosure in the Bayview that was on the market for most of the last two years and sold in October for $313,512 is now back on the market and priced at $360,000, which smells like a flip job, and one would hope they put some work into it in the mean time. 1167 Palou offers three bedrooms, a bathroom and a single-car garage and fenced back yard, it doesn't look like much but then what in San Francisco does at that price? Listed at 1,641 square feet, the new price is $241 per square foot.

A similar building down the street -- the three bed, two bath, 1,212 square foot home at 1155 Palou -- sold last month for only $295,000, after its price was chopped from $359,000, so chances are you will be able to talk the price down significantly. It was originally put on the market in 2007 after being sold in July of 2006 for $600,000. Ouch.

1167 Palou Ave [Redfin]
1155 Palou Ave [Redfin]