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Coit Tower Looking for a Handsome Food Cart Nestled at Its Foot

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Among Rec & Park's many new plans to bring in new money and put a somewhat livelier face on its park properties: a plan to bring a "high quality food and beverage concession" stand to the foot of Coit Tower. Their request for proposals was issued early last month, and they're now looking for anyone with the gumption to take on the management of a big tourist landmark, including its elevator, gift shop, and of course the new food cart outside. As with the Stow Lake Boathouse, comparisons to the Warming Hut abound again here — Rec & Park's looking for a classy op that'll bring in money without laying the shlock on too thick. As for the food cart, they seem to be encouraging anything beyond Annie's Hot Dogs here — "(Rec & Park) will view favorably menus that are inventive and interesting, and serve a variety of options beyond hot dogs and pretzels. The food and service provided must be of high quality, yet affordable." Proposals are due May, so we'll probably find out what's in store for Coit after that.