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Trader Joe's in the Castro Threatened by a Stubborn RadioShack

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Though it came out in October that Trader Joe's would be heading to the Market & Noe Center in the Castro, the deal could fall through in two months if a RadioShack at that location doesn't budge from its current spot. The Duboce Triangle Newsletter had reported back then that the RadioShack was readying to move across the street — now, according to the SF Examiner, the batteries-and-speaker-wire purveyor has apparently decided that it's not liking any of this one bit. TJ's dispatched a bunch of architects in Hawaiian shirts to accommodate the grumpy store, allowing them to move into a space above the gro-sto, and even demonstrating how increased foot traffic would increase RadioShack's business — still no go. (Another of Market & Noe's current tenants in the way has agreed to move above the TJ's.) No word in the story from RadioShack, which leaves neighbors hard up for the store at a loss for what's going on: "We can't move forward; we are stuck."
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