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Artist Starts Campaign to Rescue Hugo Hotel's Furniture Art

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When a jury ruled last fall that the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency could use its eminent domain hammer to buy the Hugo Hotel for $4.6 million, everyone suddenly realized that "Defenestration," the art project responsible for all that furniture hanging off the building's walls, was in danger. Danger! Artist Brian Goggin has just launched "Operation Restore Defenestration," an art show and fundraiser meant to "repair and improve the artwork to make it cohesive, safe and beautiful again during the day, and vibrant and illuminated at night." Donors can drop in whatever cash they have lining their couches, or choose to sponsor a particular piece of furniture on the buildling. If the $75k campaign's successful, "Defenestration" will be kept alive for at least 18 months, or until a developer's found for the 50-unit family housing project they're planning for the site.

Meanwhile, work has already begun on the furniture rehab, and with that, a video showing the guts of the Hugo Hotel, in all its grainy night-vision glory.

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Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA