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Firehouse 33's Pretty Serious About Selling Now, at $975,000

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Looks like Firehouse 33 has been hit with a heavy dose of realism — we reported about a month ago that the 2-bed, 2.25-bath Oceanview property was returning to market after failing to find a buyer at its whopping asking price of $3.3 million (including fire engine tour business). At the time, word was that the house, minus the tour biz, would end up on the MLS somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 to 1.1 million. At its new asking price of $975,000, however, it looks like the very "flamboyant" owners of 117 Broad are much more "MOTIVATED TO SELL." The site has also relaunched with a new address (old one's still up), featuring photos with all of the kookiness from its current owners intact. Almost makes you wish they weren't selling.
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Firehouse 33

117 Broad St., San Francisco, CA