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Old Ladies <3 Cubix

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Microcondo development Cubix has its share of skeptics, but it has its fans too. Resident Ian McCollum says: "I was anti 300 sq feet right up until I walked in. Then (I) made an offer." And cafebmw's an advocate of small-space living: "i lived on 270 sq ft with a woman and 2 cats. it was great! we just downsized the number of stuff. and life improved for lots of stuff you don't really need e.g. tv set, etc... life becomes less complicated." Meanwhile, a prospective buyer thinks Cubix may have found its real demographic: "The sales guy was a COMPLETE slimeball. Tried to rush people through the building and when I mentioned how hot the south facing units are, he said an old lady that always feels cold is moving in..." [Cubix Microcondos Looking for Buyers Again, Starting at $199,000]

766 Harrison "Cubix"

, San Francisco, CA 94107