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Rincon Hill's Turnberry Tower Site Is Becoming a Butterfly Garden

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While Florida-based Turnberry Associates sits on their dead-but-not-dead 40-story luxe tower in Rincon Hill, the city turns its eyes toward sprucing up the lot itself, which has been more unambiguously dead for some time now. Back in September of last year, the Chron reported amid a flurry of talk about rehabilitating vacant lots that 45 Lansing, site of the proposed Turnberry Tower, would be the first to get something nice for passersby to look at. At the time, the urban interventionists at Rebar Group were said to be planning a kind of "supergraphic" fence for the site. But now a new plan's afoot! According to a recent call for volunteers on Rebar's blog, they'll be partnering with Pollinator Partnership to plant a "native wildflower meadow downtown," turning a "fallow lot into a beautiful living habitat for humming birds, butterflies and other pollinators." Besides wildflowers and the like, they'll also be installing 4-foot plywood silhouettes of butterflies, hummingbirds, and beetles. Wild.
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