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Peninsula Cities Are Biting Their Nails Over Fast-Train Analysis

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Tensions are high among Peninsula cities, which see themselves as losing in a big way if the California High-Speed Rail Authority decides that street-level or raised tracks for the bullet train are the way forward for the general Peninsula area. So they've banded together and decided they're going to ask for double the amount of time usually reserved for commenting on draft environmental impact reports — 90 days instead of the usual 45. Only the alternatives analysis that the authority's set to release on April 8 isn't a draft EIR, just a report pointing toward which route is "most feasible," and whether and where the train should go underground, above ground, or what have you. The actual draft EIR's set for December or thereabouts. Meanwhile, in case the plan doesn't end up favoring underground routes, the Peninsula's bracing for trench warfare. T-minus eight days!
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