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$4.1 Million Tehama Grasshopper Hops Quietly Into the Shadows

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It's been over six months since the award-winning Tehama Grasshopper, designed by Fougeron Architecture, hit the market at $4,128,000 — but the home, Unit 2 at 431 Tehama, is no longer on the MLS and according to its agents has been "temporarily" taken off the market. The design won numerous awards when it debuted — the adaptation of the warehouse into a residential space notably cut out a hole in the floorplate, creating an inner courtyard that brings in a "subtle interplay of light, surfaces, levels, and indoor and outdoor spaces." The Grasshopper name comes from the third-floor penthouse addition, which is "like a grasshopper settled lightly on the building surface," as grasshoppers are wont to do.
· Tehama Grasshopper [Website]

Tehama Grasshopper

431 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA

Tehama Grasshopper

431 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA