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Stanley Saitowitz's Mixed-Use Supermarket Project in Hayes Valley

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A mixed-use residential project in Hayes Valley has been sitting on Stanley Saitowitz's website for a long time — years, best we can tell — and today the Planning Department's preliminary OK of the project has finally dropped. The project at 555 Fulton, now with a different take involving alternating beige slats, is a five-story, 136-unit building with four stories of residential on top of a ground-floor grocery store. Despite being in the general vicinity of the old Central Freeway parcels, this project isn't one of those. It'll require the demolition of an existing two-story office and warehouse building, built in 1956 as a dairy processing facility, and since used for various companies, including a cabinet company and a hot dog stand.

The project sponsor, Mountain View-based Trust for the Children of Henry Wong, will be getting rid of the surface parking lot, but the project includes a total of 195 total parking spaces, roughly split down the middle for residential and grocery, but with a little more allocated for the former. There'll also be 52 bike parking spaces. As for the unit breakdown, there'll be 32 studios, 48 1-beds, and 56 2-beds, with some 16 of those affordable. The building will end up being "as tall or taller" than most of the existing buildings in a two-block radius — though at 55 total feet, the project is within height controls.

555 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA