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Cubix Microcondos Looking for Buyers Again, Starting at $199,000

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Back in November, SocketSite reported that Cubix, previously developed and owned by HausBau/Hauser Architects, was returning to the market after it fell victim to foreclosure (along with various and sundry other HausBau properties). The building's still bank-owned, but that hasn't stopped whatever bank currently has Cubix in its pocket from going back to market. The microcondos, now obnoxiously referred to in copy as "CUBIXSF" (or was it always like that?), had at one point slashed prices by up to 30 percent in order to capture interest, bottoming out at $215k. The building's digging a little deeper these days: units are ranging from $199,000 to $259,000, with zero HOAs and square footage in the 250 to 350 range. Convinced, anyone?
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766 Harrison "Cubix"

, San Francisco, CA 94107


766 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA