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Top-Floor St. Regis Unit's Eyeball Lamp Makes It 'Most Exquisite'

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Among the five St. Regis units currently on the market is Unit 38C, a top-floor 2-bed 2.5-bath that's described as "quite possibly the most exquisite two bedroom residence ever available" at the luxury SoMa building. The unit opens the owner up to the lavish world of the St. Regis, with 24-hour room service, pool, gym, yoga studio, Whole Foods delivery, and ninth-floor overlook terrace — the works. But on top of all that, there's earthquake insurance baked into the homeowners fee, which comes out at $2,172 a month. The unit itself: $2,650,000, which at 1,670 square feet comes out at $1,587 per. Does the eyeball lamp come with?
· St. Regis Unit 38C [Website, via Curbed Inbox]

St. Regis

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St. Regis

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