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Alternate San Franciscos Have Blimps, Whales, Ominous High-Rises

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On Friday, Uptown Almanac discovered a fun project of Robin Sloan, writer, "media inventor," and Twitter employee: have readers remix scenes of "alternate San Franciscos." The winning submissions to Sloan's call for entries were from one Emily Cooper, a self-described science illustrator and purveyor of "3D modeling and fine images." Her site's loaded with the kind of 3D infographics that explain things like how DNA works, and how Tiger Woods spanks his mistresses, but this illustrator used her computer-assisted imaging abilities to imagine various San Franciscos involving oddly formed futures, plus one decimated universe where whales inhabit the bay. Not the kind of renderporn we're used to, but nonetheless hot.
· Scenes of Scheme’s San Francisco [Robin Sloan, via Uptown Almanac]
· Cooperhawk Illustration [Website]