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Remodeled 4-Bedroom House in Laurel Heights Says: 'I See You'

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"I see you. Homebuyer. You are like a baby. Making noise, don't know what to do." Hisssss. Right? Seriously, though, the movie playing in the above projector screen isn't, for once, courtesy Curbed photochoppage, but comes straight from the listing itself. We think they're either hinting at an immersive cinematic experience, or they're just throwing in a free Avatar DVD with purchase of the home. Speaking of which: it's a 4-bed, 3.5-bath house in Laurel Heights with a "dramatic" master bedroom, a family room with French doors leading to the backyard, and a climate-controlled wine room. Asking price: $3,849,900.
· 125 Commonwealth Ave [Redfin]

125 Commonwealth Ave, San Francisco, CA