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Mission Dolores's Blight Den to Get 13 Condos and Parking Spaces

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From torched church and den of blight to "unique" and "boutique" condos: the journey for 200 Dolores has been a long and colorful one. Last month, it came so close to bursting through the finish line — despite its architecture being accused of carpetbagging in from the 'burbs, the development got support from both the Planning Department and the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association. Though, it seems, neighbors are typically against new onslaughts of cars, these particular neighbors were strongly in favor of the project, which would have included 16 parking spaces. Neighbors' support wasn't enough for the Planning Commission, which voted narrowly against the proposed parking situation and asked the developers to return again with a smaller proposal. Return they did, last night, and one commissioner flipped, saying that parking was hard to find on a busy church-service Sunday. The project will now have 13 total parking spaces — oh, and condos too. Ten in a new building and three renovated units in the old fire-damaged one. Looks like we might be looking at a new chapter for the corner of Dolores and 15th.
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