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Nob Hill's Chambord Has a Penthouse for Lease, FCUK Leaves Calif.

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NOB HILL: One-time Curbed SF guest blogger Sally sends us this nice find, or as she writes, "a prime piece of real estate ass." That's just a classy way of referring to the Chambord's old-school blinginess. A walk by the building, designed by "French Renaissance" architect James Francis Dunn, finds a printout advertising a 2-bed rooftop penthouse for lease. Interior shots? We wish. [Curbed Inbox]

INNER SUNSET: A resident asks, "Lots of trucks and construction equipment moving around at 7th ave and Lawton... roaming around the Clancy's Pumpkin Patch / Christmas Tree lot...any news?" [Curbed Inbox]

UNION SQUARE: The season for shuttering's not quite over yet! French Connection's largely retreating from the U.S. market and will be closing down their only California store at 101 Powell. Also going will be the Westfield mall's Martin + Osa, American Eagle's sad experiment in selling to the post-college set. [SF Business Times]