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Giants Stonewall on Warriors Arena, But the Plan Needs a Rethink

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Chron columnist C.W. Nevius has a few more words on the slowly solidifying Warriors in Mission Bay rumor. As we noted before, the plans (or "plans") have a basketball stadium aimed squarely at the AT&T Park parking lot, a site that's already been targeted for a massive redevelopment headed by the Giants and a bunch of investors. Strangely enough, Nevius says the Giants' existing proposal "even includes a 5,000- to 7,000-seat arena," though the 170-page document the Giants released in January last year didn't reference one. "Granted, a 20,000-seat arena would be a departure from the current plans, but the land the Giants plan to develop is probably the best and only place in San Francisco for a major arena." So! Though Nevius is already getting all frothy for the San Francisco Warriors, the Giants are now stonewalling, and maybe for good reason — their "Mission Rock" plan, last we checked, made major selling points of outdoor public space: a pedestrian promenade, a farmers' market, a plaza here and there, and a major waterfront park. The fun part will be seeing where they'll wedge in a 20,000-seat stadium.
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