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Trampoline-Laden House of Air Gives 'Flight to the Flightless'

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A couple days ago the SF Appeal told us that Building 926 in the Presidio would become home to the House of Air, a kind of bouncy castle gone serious. The former airplane hangar will be restored, and by August should reopen as an "indoor trampoline park" with a glass hangar door, conference rooms, and "trampoline training grounds" with a combination of trampolines and trampoline walls "allowing for maximum air time." House of Air's goal: a noble and brave one, "giving flight to the flightless." Via SF Citizen and the House of Air website are renderings of the project, which could just be too delightful to bear. But to be serious for a moment: is it faithful to the special history of the Presidio?!
· House of Air [Website, via SF Citizen]

House of Air

926 Mason St., San Francisco, CA